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  Newsletter 20 November 2017  
  Dear Local Resident,
You will remember back in the cold wet spring of this year you received a questionnaire (or completed the survey online) canvassing local opinion on bringing a Farmers Market to Thames Ditton High Street. We had a great response and the results were finally made public in June when they were added to the Thames Ditton Residents' Association Website. You were also asked if you’d like to be kept up-to-date with further developments regards the Farmers Market as well as other village initiatives and you kindly did so. Therefore we do hope you don’t mind us letting you know about a very exciting and very unique High Street initiative that was launched earlier this week.
Part of that survey asked for local feedback on what would make you want to shop in the high street more. We had an amazing response with many people citing the same desires and needs for our high street, but almost unanimously the sentiment expressed was one of real support and passion in keeping our high street vibrant and viable.

As part of the wider range of on-going initiatives and projects to support the high street retailers, we (the team) decided to embark on a major project to bring all the high street shops together. It was decided that our high street needed a single point of reference and channel to the local consumer and importantly, collectively shout about what is great about our local shops.
So, on Wednesday this week we launched the website, a site dedicated to bringing all of the retailers under one roof, so to speak.
The website will be used on an on-going basis to communicate directly with you, the local consumer, with offers, new ranges, clearances, competitions, fun and exciting events and news in and round the high street and shops.
So please do checkout the website and take advantage of the exciting and generous launch offers from a selection of our retailers. Keep coming back as offers and news will change on a frequent basis. Also please friend us on Facebook where you can get the latest news and offers direct to you wherever you are…. And don’t forget to share this with your friends too.
We so hope you enjoy the new website and carry on supporting our great local shops.
Also please feel free to send any emails or comments on the contact us page of the website with ideas, suggestions or even your opinions on the new website.
Many Thanks,
Mark Charlesworth
Tricia Bland
Damian Kingsford

Farmers Market

Now we're sure you’re also wondering what is happening with the Farmers Market proposal. Like most things in life it’s not always as easy as you initially think it’s going to be. Volunteers to help start moving forward have been thin on the ground and so progress has been slow. We plan to re-strategise over the winter with a potential trial market happening in the late spring 2014. We will provide progress updates on

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