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Save money, stay hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution at source. Thames Ditton is proud to take part in this important initiative.  

Thames Ditton High Street was the FIRST in the UK to introduce Boomerang Bags made from donated, reusable fabric to eliminate the need for single-use, planet polluting plastic bags. Boomerang Bags are now available in eight of our High Street shops, lovingly sewn by local crafters, distributed free to shops and customers.

Thames Ditton is now at the forefront of REFILL in Elmbridge, eliminating the need for single-use, planet polluting, plastic water bottles, with NINE REFILL Stations – EIGHT in the High Street including COSTA COFFEE, CYCLELINK, GEORGE & DRAGON, LIME TREE, LUNCH, NICE BUNS, ORGANIC NEST, THE RED LION, VIEW GALLERY plus CAFÉ NOIR at Thames Ditton Station.

To fill up your reusable water bottle/cup or container, simply walk in to any of these shops or businesses and they will happily give you tap water for FREE! Together we will eliminate single-use plastic for a more sustainable village and future for our children.

Download the app now and start making a difference. 





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Sep 2013 -  Our Launch Edition newsletter welcoming residents to the website and giving an update on the farmers market initiative

Thames Ditton is one of the prettiest villages in Surrey as you can see from the photographs here. These images were taken by Keith Evetts who has been photographing Thames Ditton and environs since he originated the website for The Thames Ditton and Weston Green Residents' Association in 2005, which he still maintains. He also edited the quarterly magazine, Thames Ditton Today, from 2006-2013.

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